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Yasmine Patpatia


Yasmine Patpatia

Founder at HUX GROUP LTD

My work philosophy:

Community is Collaboration.

My Roles and Responsibilities

I'm the founder of a Fashion Label (Social Enterprise), based in South East Asia and will soon be opening another Social Enterprise in London. I also work as a consultant, helping founders of Social Enterprises and Start-Ups to grow their early stage organisations with marketing, strategy and professional vision.


I'm one of those people who has had a bunch of different jobs, having worked as everything from a Food & Travel Writer in Asia to the owner of a fashion label and everything in between. The common thread which runs through my experience is marketing & events, of which I have 10 years experience. I'm now the owner of 2 Social Enterprises, one operating in SE Asia and one soon to open here in London. I have supported more than 20 start ups so far on their journey, either by working with them or for them.

Why am I on Connect?

I think one thing London severely lacks is community and the idea of sharing skills for the love of sharing alone. I would like to help those who have embarked on a similar journey to me, offering them an ear and perhaps some guidance. Through connect I met an amazing woman who gave me some much needed support and hoping I can offer the same!

Whom would I like to mentor?

I understand the struggles that go with starting up your own thing, either as a company or freelancer. It's not easy. Actually that's a complete understatement, sometimes it's horrendous and can throw you completely out of balance as human being, let alone as a professional. I'm interested in supporting anyone who connects with that understanding and is looking for any level of guidance and support. Typically I support founders of Social Enterprises, start-up founders, people looking for help visualising what they want their business to look like and where they want it to go.

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