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Spencer Pearce


Spencer Pearce

Head of Heavy Industry and Engineering at Canopius

My work philosophy:

Work to Live. Don't live to work

My Roles and Responsibilities

Responsibilities include managing the profitability of the book (budget, reserving, reinsurance purchasing). Managing the respective teams (7 people in total), their career path, development, education and day to day issues. Formulating the strategy and ensuring the strategy is executed by the team.


Head of Energy and Construction for EMEA. Responsible for the EMEA portfolio and managing of 18 countries with 130 people. This included managing the profit and loss, development of people, the various cultures within the region, different employment law per country. Participated in the internal mentoring programme

Why am I on Connect?

I find helping other individuals who are starting in a similar position to myself very rewarding. Mentoring at my previous job was very fulfilling, coaching individuals to help them find the answers for themselves and help them realise their potential, handle difficult situations and solving problems.

Whom would I like to mentor?

Someone who has a good idea of what they want to achieve, but may not necessarily have all of the skills necessarily needed presently

My areas of expertise

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