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Ramdas Shetty


Ramdas Shetty

Chartered Certified Accountant, Lifestyle Health Healing Mentor Self Employed

My work philosophy:

Don't just work. Serve with your heart to turn all the stakeholders(Management, Employees, Customers, Suppliers, Investors, the local community, anyone we deal with in our communities and business into winners who live a life of giving and fulfilment to not only the community or business but contribute to making the world a wonderful place to live in while making a profit.

My Roles and Responsibilities

I turn around companies through advice on strategy after an overall company audit. Secondly I help communities and corporates build Holistic Healthy Healing Lifestyles that will help them build Resilience Productivity with Fulfillment. I use ncient Philosophies, Body work outs, Breathwork.


I served in several corporates in the City of London as a Finance Manger with the last 22 years going in turning around a charity financially while building community based on ancient philosophies to ensure maximum Holistic Health leading to Resilience Productivity through Lifestyle changes.

Why am I on Connect?

I would like to support a wider community and corporates to change humanity and the world.

Whom would I like to mentor?

Those with wealth but are living lives that they are bored with, confused, frustrated or are distressed. I already coach the middle and poor classes through my charitable work. 

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