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Patricia Bloj


Patricia Bloj

Founder and CEO at Metanoia Wellness

My work philosophy:

"Although mental creation is nearly instantaneous, creating actual results (such as habits or achieved goals) in the emotional, physical, material, and social realms takes time and cultivation. Cultivation requires patience, persistence, observation, and loving action guided by caring intelligence."

My Roles and Responsibilities

I founded Metanoia Wellness after spending 10 years working for different organisations and at the end of it I realised that I was not doing something I was truly passionate about and I suffered from my own wellbeing challenges. I realised I was not alone. In fact, most of us go to university, have a qualification and either end up doing something completely different or realise that what we are doing is not what we would truly like. At the beginning of our careers we feel that there is a lot of competition and it's difficult to truly differentiate yourself and we sometimes lack the confidence to achieve something that gives us meaning and fulfilment. Therefore, what I do is help organisations and individuals through mentoring understand what is it that they truly want to do, design their lives in such a way that they can achieve the focus and discipline to unlock their full potential.


As I was and am building Metanoia Wellness I received the guidance of a mentor that helped me build the confidence, the leadership and learn about my own thoughts, emotions and understanding of myself and other people. At the same time I built the team of experts (functional medicine, nutrition, psychology, body mechanics, tai chi). The application of all of this knowledge in my own life has enabled me to work with people in helping them unlock barriers in their lives. Previously to this, my career has been spent in FMCG and retail, building new brands or growing, shaping some of the biggest brands globally and in the UK. Some key projects I was involved in were launching and rolling out a strategy of growing and developing the foods category in Unilever, launching the biggest campaign for the number 1 spread brand in the UK, which helped in halving the decline widespread in the category and launching a line of vegan and flavoured spreads.

Why am I on Connect?

I am excited to be part of Connect Mentors because I care about the journey young professionals will take in their careers and lives. I believe it is crucial that we help, support and guide new talent so we can empower them to achieve their maximum potential and not succumb to societal expectations.

Whom would I like to mentor?

My ideal mentee is someone that takes responsibility for their growth and their development and have the courage to work to achieve their fullest potential. In effect, they really want to achieve their dreams and their aspirations and have the humility to know and understand that they have certain gaps in their competencies and capabilities. Everyone deals with certain kinds of barriers in their lives, some of us lack the confidence, the clarity, the direction, the vision to achieve what we want. The trick is to realise that you are one of them too.

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