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Lela Gabelaia


Lela Gabelaia

Quality Assurance Team Lead at Aerate Inc

My work philosophy:

Motivation, teamwork and learning from mistakes.

My Roles and Responsibilities

I am a QA team lead at Aerate. I'm responsible for the quality of all mobile applications for both OS, Android and iOS, and websites that we build at Aerate. Aerate is a social enterprise that creates and develops scaleable concepts that connect and support people through online platforms and applications. Aerate's concepts are all interlinked and complementary, providing solutions to support people professionally and personally. Each is designed and built around a strongly intuitive user experience to enhance engagement with the product.


In 2008 I was awarded the academic degree of Computer Sciences. I've been working in IT filed more than 10 years in different positions, for example: as a Hosting service specialist, a Web project manager, as a Scrum Master, as a QA, as a Visiting lecturer of Software Testing in universities. All this experience has got me to where I am today.

Why am I on Connect?

I am very keen to help to people and share my experience with them, that's why I'm working as a visiting lecturer in two universities, despite the very busy working schedule.

Whom would I like to mentor?

My ideal mentee will be a person or a team who is interested in software testing methodologies (Functional testing, Positive/Negative testing, UX / UI testing, Cross browser testing ...) and how to prepare testing documentations (Test Plan, Test Cases, Check List, RTM).

My areas of expertise

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