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Jessica Huie MBE


Jessica Huie MBE

Director at Aerate Inc

My work philosophy:

Let your work be your legacy

My Roles and Responsibilities

I'm responsible for being the bridge between the partner organisations who provide many of our mentees, and the corporations who provide our mentors. I start the conversations and bring the two worlds together, encouraging a new social perspective around how we view talent in the process. PR is my art.


JH Public Relations, MCA Public Relations, Color blind Cards, BBC, Pride Magazine

Why am I on Connect?

Connect Mentors is the only intelligent online platform broaching the skills gap by connecting corporates with new talent pools. All opportunities grow through human connection, and by creating meaningful relationships we can change lives and perspectives simultaneously. Thats a wonderful thing to be a part of.

Whom would I like to mentor?

I want a mentee with a progressive mindset and a strong work ethic. I don't care about my mentees background -I'm interested in where they see themselves going. An individual with strong values who cares about making a difference as well as their own personal success, they should be interested in accessing the media.

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