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Christina Tueje


Christina Tueje

Managing Director GRC Information Management

My work philosophy:

Lifting Others To Get Lifted

My Roles and Responsibilities

Helping business owners boost their awareness of GDPR, Data Protection and Cyber Security!


I have worked with approximately 200 freelancers and small to medium-sized businesses across many sectors - providing them a full range of GDPR services including data protection consultancy, training, policy templates and Cyber Essentials. Most of my work is informed by my academic interest in Psychology (I have an MSc in Occupational Psychology an Change Management) and my professional qualifications in the field of data protection and cyber security.

Why am I on Connect?

As a Women in Tech Career Coach, my students often say that I save them "years of time" with the hacks that I share. I'm happy to give back, empower and make a real, transformative difference in people's lives.

Whom would I like to mentor?

Someone who is ambitious, driven and punctual!

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