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Antonino Balistreri


Antonino Balistreri

Osteopath at Antonino Balistreri

My work philosophy:

I look at a patient, just like any problem, from multiple angles.

My Roles and Responsibilities

I am a London Osteopath and personal trainer with a wide range of clients, from busy professionals and lawyers to athletes and dancers, getting in shape for their next competition.


I have previously trained in all styles of dance. Having a practise in Covent Garden next to the Royal Opera House meant I was never out of clients needing treatment and support looking after their bodies. It is here I became interested in Osteopathy. I have two decades of experience working as a personal trainer, and many years of sports and remedial massage therapy. I specialise in areas of stress, prolapsed discs and respiratory and cardiovascular issues including Asthma. I gained my M.Ost at the British School of Osteopathy and have my diploma in sports and remedial massage from the London School of Sports Massage along with a variety of personal training diplomas. I am certified for Medical Acupuncture and Kinesiology Taping.

Why am I on Connect?

I would like to join Connect Mentors in order to share the experience I have had, personally and professionally as an Osteopath. In 2012 and 2015 I underwent hip replacements due to my own Osteoarthritis. After recovery, and training I was able to both walk and fulfil my role as a personal trainer again and this is a process and cycle I would like to continue; helping others to achieve their goals and grow, outside of the gym.

Whom would I like to mentor?

I would like to work with someone who is as engaged with what they can learn from a project as opposed to just problem solving the solution. When we learn we grow. My holistic approach as an Osteopath translates directly into my work philosophy. I look at a patient, just like any problem, from multiple angles. For patients, this includes medical evaluation, treatment, retraining, recovery and nutrition in one complete service. Osteopathy aims to not only treat the symptoms of a condition, but it also aims to treat the causes of that condition. My work philosophy echoes this, by understanding multiple perspectives before taking action and working at the core of any project.

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