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Innsworth Advisors


Innsworth Advisors

Innsworth Advisors manages a litigation fund, identifying and managing large scale shareholder and commercial litigation claims.

About Innsworth Advisors

Litigation funding provides commercial claimants with finance to meet the legal costs of their claims in the courts or by arbitration, often on a non-recourse basis. The litigation fund assumes the risk of the claimant winning or losing. In return for this, the fund earns a commission which is usually a percentage of amount recovered by the claimant if it wins. If the claimant loses, the fund bears the costs it has funded.

Innsworth Advisors is based in central London, but funds large scale / high value claims in multiple legal jurisdictions in Europe and elsewhere.

The team at Innsworth Advisors comprises investment managers who have had previous legal experience of litigation and/or arbitration (including investment treaty arbitrations), data systems and financial analysts, as well as contract and clients operations personnel.