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Connect Mentors™ is an online platform that seeks to close the talent gap by matching and connecting talent to progressive companies, using “soft” mentoring as a means of guiding talent to jobs and new roles. Its mission is the creation of a talent marketplace that will disrupt traditional and expensive recruitment methods, and in doing so strongly promote social responsibility.

Why Connect Mentors?

Traditional recruitment processes can be frustrating for both employers and talent. Trying to identify and hire new talent is hit and miss, but what really challenged me were the barriers facing so many inspiring people struggling to make their way and carve out a role. I felt their frustrations and wanted to help, so I started supporting them – from working on how they present themselves, opening doors to opportunities and encouraging them to realise their potential. Most just needed a push in the right direction.

By giving up a little of their time, Mentors can play such an influential role – for both their organisations who want to be introduced to new talent and Mentees who need advice and guidance. In the longer term mentoring also encourages partnerships and a community that is not limited by fears and self-interest.

Elina Hedman

Elina Hedman

Founder, Connect Mentors

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